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Navigating the Lagos Real Estate Market can sometimes become a daunting task. You don't need just a real estate agent, you need a Real Estate Company. At Ramos of Lagos Realty, we pride ourselves in providing our clients with highly profitable real estate investment opportunities and conducive homes for residential living. Whether it's your first house or tenth, we are here to guide you through your property acquisition journey and beyond. You desire trust, experience and ease? Welcome to Africa's first International Real Estate Company.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


What Do I do after viewing a property I am interested in?

Negotiations are done and involved parties agree on the price to be paid. A search is then carried out by the client’s lawyer to verify the property and accompanying documentation. In a situation where the client has no lawyer, we could recommend one. After this is done and the client is happy to proceed, payment is then made and the deal is closed.

What is the best location to buy an apartment for short-lets and Airbnb in Lagos?

Based on higher demand, areas such as Lekki, Ikate, Victoria Island, and Ikoyi are top on the list. Other areas of Lagos could be considered for more affordable options.


What is covered by the service charge?

Depending on the property and location, the service fee may include estate levy, security bill, diesel deposit (optional), water treatment and waste management.

Is the rent, legal, and caution fee negotiable?

Rent is usually a fixed price, except otherwise stated by the property owner. However, legal and caution fees may be slightly negotiable depending on the number of years the property is leased for. This is subject to the property owner’s discretion.

Is agency fee and legal fee refundable?


Is the caution fee refundable?

It usually is, however, this may be subject to change if the condition of the property after stay is deteriorated.

How can I know a flooded area?

We usually advise on areas that are more prone to flooding, the client reserves the right to explore
available options to make informed decisions.


Can I visit a property and inspect before making a decision?

As part of our process, after interest is indicated on a property posted, we advise that you inspect the property, ask as many questions as you need to, to ensure that it meets your requirements before purchase.

What documents can be requested to conduct a search on a property?

C of O, Governor’s consent, Title perfection, Contract of sales, Deed of assignment

What is the process and timeline for completing a land purchase transaction?

The timeline for completing a land purchase can vary, but it could take up to a week. The process
includes enquiry and consultation, inspection to ensure the land meets your requirements, involving your lawyer to conduct a search to verify the authenticity of the property (see client engagement policy), payment, document signing, and finally closing the deal.

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