Important documents for all real estate transactions in Nigeria


In the real estate markets in Nigeria, where opportunities abound, understanding the importance of key documents is paramount for successful transactions. Whether you’re a property buyer, seller, or real estate professional like Ramos Real Estate, having the right paperwork in order ensures a smooth and legally sound process. Let’s explore the important real estate documents in Nigeria and delve into why each plays a crucial role in the dynamic Lagos real estate scene.

  1. Deed of Assignment:
    • The Deed of Assignment is a cornerstone document that formalizes the transfer of property ownership. It outlines the agreement between the seller and buyer, providing legal clarity on the transaction. Ramos Real Estate emphasizes the significance of this document to ensure a transparent and secure transfer of property rights.
  1. Certificate of Occupancy (C of O):
    • The Certificate of Occupancy is a government-issued document proving legal ownership of a property. In Lagos, where real estate is a thriving market, having a valid C of O is vital. It assures buyers of the property’s legitimacy and is a prerequisite for any serious real estate transaction.
  1. Survey Plan:
    • A Survey Plan is crucial for verifying property boundaries and dimensions. Ramos Real Estate stresses the importance of accurate surveys, particularly in the competitive Lagos real estate market, to avoid disputes and ensure that buyers get what they expect in terms of land size and boundaries.
  1. Contract of Sale/Purchase Agreement:
    • This document outlines the terms and conditions of the property sale, protecting both buyers and sellers. In Lagos, where real estate transactions are fast-paced, having a comprehensive contract is essential. Ramos Real Estate agents pay close attention to crafting agreements that address the unique aspects of the Lagos real estate market.
  1. Governor’s Consent:
    • Lagos, being a state with specific regulations, requires Governor’s Consent for certain property transactions. This document signifies the state government’s approval and is particularly important for investors looking to secure their interests in the dynamic Lagos real estate landscape.
  1. Land Information Certificate:
    • Providing detailed information about a property, the Land Information Certificate is crucial for due diligence. Ramos Real Estate highlights the importance of obtaining this document to understand the property’s history, potential encumbrances, and any restrictions that might affect the investment.
  1. Tax Clearance Certificate:
    • In Lagos, where regulatory compliance is paramount, a Tax Clearance Certificate is necessary to confirm that the property owner is up-to-date with tax obligations. Ramos Real Estate emphasizes the role of this document in ensuring a smooth and legally compliant transaction.


In the vibrant real estate markets of Lagos, understanding and prioritizing the importance of key documents is non-negotiable. Ramos Real Estate, as a prominent player in the Lagos real estate scene, underscores the significance of these documents to safeguard investments, promote transparency, and ensure a thriving real estate ecosystem in this dynamic city. Whether dealing with land in Lagos or houses in Lagos, having the right paperwork is the key to success in the ever-evolving Lagos real estate market.


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