Understanding Property Demolitions: Class 101

As seen in our last article, there have been a lot of property demolitions in Lagos and Abuja this year. While there have been many reasons, one major reason is the illegal acquisition of lands intended for other purposes in the Master Plan. Now, what is a Master Plan and why do state agencies harp on it as a reason for necessary demolition of properties?

A Master Plan is a document and guide designed for envisioning what a State should look like, with details guiding decisions on land use and development. The Master Plan would typically entail details on the allocated areas for residential development, areas for roads, areas for drainage, etc. Ideally, before the purchase of any property, it is advised to always check the state’s master plan to confirm if the property is located in allotted areas. But why is a Master Plan important?

In the realm of urban development, there’s a meticulously choreographed dance of space and structures embedded in the Master plan wielded by State governments to design the intricate steps of urban development. From commercial hubs to residential quarters, these plans sculpt the cityscape, creating a harmonious balance that resonates with the pulse of its citizens. The image below is an example of what a Master plan can look like for a particular area in a State. 

As seen here, building in an area marked for agricultural purposes or proposed roads can bring up issues later in the future. Master plans are usually designed to be followed by successive levels of government administration and not restricted to a political tenure. 

The Abuja Master Plan was designed by International Planning Associates (IPA) and was commissioned in June 1976 by the Federal Capital Development Authority. While the Master Plan aimed to enhance city infrastructure, ensure efficient land use, prevent urban sprawl, provide space for educational institutions, healthcare facilities, parks, employment and environmental sustainability opportunities, it posed certain challenges as well. Such challenges include displacement and resettlement of communities and individuals, increased cost of living, traffic congestion, and social inequalities. While Master plans are designed to last for decades, they may sometimes necessitate a review when required. 

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