Why should I buy Land in Lagos?

You may have heard of sky-high prices of lands in Lekki Phase 1 or Victoria Island, and you can’t seem to wrap your head around such high valuations. Well, those lands sold for far lower prices decades ago, and their investors have enjoyed immense profits. Why not you? Till date, these high-value lands still remain available for sale and provide a growth potential that guarantees a return on your investment. As Lagos continues to develop, new areas begin to spring up and properties begin to appreciate in prices. Land is very much available in Lagos, and at prices that guarantee you large profits in a few years. At Ramos Acres, we curate the best land deals for you and help you buy land in lagos without the hassles of “Omo-onile” or land grabbing. Don’t keep that money in the bank, invest in land today.

buy land in lagos

Where can I buy Land in Lagos?

Depending on your budget, there are a number of areas where you can buy land in Lagos. With a budget between 2.5Million and 30 Million, you can buy land in Epe. Whereas, for 16 Million to 20 Million, you can buy land in Lakowe. With a budget between 25 Million and 35 Million, you can buy land in Sangotedo. With a budget between 65 Million and 95 Million, you can buy land in Ikota and Orchid; and with a budget between 120 Million and 250 Million, you can buy land in Ajah or Sangotedo. View some of our Verified Lands here.

Why should I buy Land in Lagos?

Without doubt, there are more than enough advantages of buying lands in Lagos. More than most states in Nigeria, land in Lagos guarantees a much higher return on your investment. Whether you are buying to build on or resell, easy access to essential amenities and developed roads are an immense advantage. We ensure proper documentation of sales contracts and ownership of land. We leave you with no worries, but to enjoy the benefits of your investment in record time. Overall, You can be rest assured of a higher return on investment than a fixed deposit bank interest rate. Check out one of our land listings: Watch here and view more land offers here 

buy land in lagos

Are you still in doubt?

At Ramos Acres, we work with you through the land acquisition process and provide you with expert advice on where to invest your money. Would you like a free consultation on buying land in Lagos, contact us today: +234 913 938 2245  


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